Clear Dental offers a comprehensive suite of patient information resources designed to ensure a seamless and informed dental care experience. Below is a summary of the available resources and services, each dedicated to addressing different aspects of patient care and engagement:


  1. Educational Centre – A hub for patients seeking to enhance their dental health knowledge, featuring a range of educational materials and resources.
  2. New Patient Forms – Essential forms for new patients to fill out, facilitating a smooth and efficient onboarding process.
  3. Financial Policy – Detailed information on the clinic’s billing practices, insurance procedures, and payment options to ensure transparency and understanding.
  4. Appointment Policy – Guidelines on scheduling, rescheduling, and canceling appointments, emphasizing the clinic’s commitment to providing timely and accessible care.
  5. Educational Video – Visual resources aimed at enhancing patient understanding of dental procedures and best practices for oral health.
  6. FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions addressing common concerns and inquiries from patients, offering immediate answers and clarity.
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