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Richmond Dentists in the Richmond Medical Dental Building. We are conveniently located at #2 Road and Blundell Road in Richmond BC. Parking is free, Clear Dental is dedicated to excellence in General & Cosmetic Dentistry. Our practice of professionals provide excellent dental solutions & complete dental care including Dental Implants, Root Canal Therapy, Porcelain Veneers, Porcelain Crowns, Porcelain Fixed Bridgework, Dental Bonding, Tooth Whitening, Dental Restorations, Dental Reconstruction, Orthodontics, Periodontal Treatment, Dentures and Partial Dentures and Smile Enhancement at our state-of-the-art office. We provide gentle dental care to patients in Richmond, BC, and other locations in British Columbia, Canada. Learn more by visiting our website. New Patients Welcome. Emergencies seen on same day. Most Insurance plans accepted. Staff Dentists are. Dr. Gavin Forsyth and Dr. John More and our hygienists are Mary Wong and Lynda Levitt. We accepts Visa, Mastercard and Interac. 604.271.4048